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Most people could benefit greatly from learning a couple of high-income skills. Specifically writing and sales psychology. Here are some courses to help you get started without paying a four-figure price tag.

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Copywriting Course

The art of selling with words. Every business needs copy and are DESPERATE for GOOD copywriters. If you can combine principles of human psychology and sales, you can create copy that helps businesses scale and get a HANDSOME reward for yourself.

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Appointment Setting Course

Learn the skill to help online businesses sell their high-ticket products and services for a nice commission. It's not uncommon for setters to make $5-10K per month working anywhere in the world with nothing more than a phone and an Internet connection.

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Reflections and observations drawn from my experiences to expand awareness and provide direction.



Simply put, a performance coach interested in helping young professionals navigate their lives with the insights he uses to navigate his.

Hey, I'm Enzan.

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Hey, I'm Enzan.

I'm a coach for young professionals looking to reclaim their emotions and cultivate a sense of clarity and purpose in their pursuit of excellence.

  • I'm the guy people come to when they need help dealing with burnout, imposter syndrome, shame, ego preservation, insecurity, and many other obstacles.
  • I used to place A LOT of emphasis on objective achievements and using 'dark energy' to fuel myself. After not much time at all, I found myself in a space where the more I achieved, the less fulfillment I gained from my efforts.
  • After obtaining slices of success in education, employment, & entrepreneurship, I've come to realize that fulfillment & positive well-being was not found in objective achievements, but from my ability to invest in meaningful relationships.
  • This required me to become more reflective, insightful, and authentic. Which was much easier said than done.
  • As a founding member of a community of over 400 high-performing men, I've helped dozens of them with the challenges they've seen in their personal development arcs.
  • My desire as a coach is to direct you toward the insights necessary to navigate performance with a sense of clarity, identity, and purpose.

Sort of like a compass.